You know how in the movies when the person gets magically powers everything goes wrong? Well I think that's happening to us.
Rachel to Zoey about her dog training app.
Zoey and Rachel
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Zoey Stevens and Rachel Todds


Best Friends

Zoey and Rachel or Zoechel is the friendship pairing of Zoey Stevens and Rachel Todds.


Zoey and Rachel are best friends. They meet at the Westlake High School and later in the gym they become part of the same dance group, the Junior Varsity. When Rachel gets to know about Zoey's app she quickly starts to be a part of its powers. Later when the app makes it all a mess she advises Zoey to get it right.

Other NamesEdit

  • Zoechel (Zoe/y and Ra/chel)
  • Zochel (Zo/ey and Ra/chel)
  • Racey (Rac/hel and Zo/ey)


  • Rachel and Zoey meet on the way to school.
  • Rachel leads Zoey on the right way to her class, but Zoey misunderstands it.
  • Zoey and Rachel decide to be friends when they meet in the gym.
  • Zoey and Rachel become part of the Junior Varsity dance squad.
  • Zoey and Rachel use the "Listen and Obey" app for their own advantages.
  • Rachel helps Zoey to get back her phone.



  • Zoey and Rachel are best friends.


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