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Jackson: I bet you stare at that screen all day. Zoey: I limit myself. Two hours, three tops.
Jackson and Zoey about her phone.
Zoey and Jackson
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Zoey Stevens and Jackson Kale


Very Close Friends/Kissed/Dating/Crushes

Zoey and Jackson (Joey) is the romantic/friendship pairing between Zoey Stevens and Jackson Kale.


Zoey and Jackson first met when Zoey was lost in school and Jackson showed her around. They started off as friends and constantly stared at each other. Jackson and Zoey developed a crush on each other and begin to fall for each other. Jackson asked Zoey out on a date, which she kindly accepted. They got into a fight, but they forgave each other. They eventually became a couple.

Joey MomentsEdit

  • Jackson stares at Zoey when he first meets her.
  • Zoey and Jackson stare at each other when Jackson leads her to Room 242.
  • Jackson asks Zoey to meet him at the Pitstop diner.
  • Zoey tries to make Jackson jealous by making two boys flirt with her.
  • Jackson calls Zoey irresistible.
  • Zoey uses her phone to make Jackson kiss her on the cheek.
  • Jackson asks out Zoey at the end of the movie and Zoey accepts.
  • Jackson stares at Zoey constantly.
  • Zoey and Jackson show a great deal of care toward each other.

Trivia Edit

  • Zoey and Jackson both go to Westlake High School.
  • Zoey and Jackson both love the book "To Kill A Mockingbird" but have different point of views on it.


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