"Go out there and dance with your hearts, not your feet."
— Zoey to the JV dance team
Zoey Stevens
Full Name

Zoelle Stevens


Zoey (by everyone)
Freaky new girl (by Tripp)
Smartphone (by Jackson)



Date of Birth




Resides in

Westlake, Los Angeles, California, USA



Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark and light brown with blonde tips


Mr. Stevens (biological father; deceased)
Jeannie Stevens (mother)
Ted Thompson (step-father)
Adam Thompson (older step-brother)
Zach Thompson (younger step-brother)
Ben Thompson (younger step-brother)
Humphrey (dog)


Jackson Kale (boyfriend)


Rachel Todds
Jackson Kale


Westlake High School
Unnamed old school


Westlake High School

Portrayed By


Zoelle "Zoey" Stevens is the main protagonist in Zapped. Zoey lives in a new home along with her new family, dog and her mom in the city of Westlake, Los Angeles, California, USA. She is the new girl to Westlake High School. Zoey is a skilled dancer with a passion for her phone. She has an app for everything basically, while she is trying to get adjusted to her new life, along with her step-father, her mom, and her step-brothers and a dog. When Zoey has a mishap with her phone, her just-bought "Listen and Obey" app meant for dogs ends up controlling boys. She is best friends with Rachel Todds. She is enemies with Taylor Dean and Tripp. She is dating Jackson Kale.

Zoey is portrayed by Zendaya.


Zapped Zoey

Zoey as portrayed by Zendaya

Zoey is the new girl in school. She is a straight "A" student and skilled dancer. Zoey is the dance captain of the Junior Varsity team. Zoey is a very sweet, carefree girl. She likes things in order and the way she wants it. She also is obsessed with her phone, earring the nickname “Smartphone”.


Jackson KaleEdit

Main article: Zoey and Jackson

Jackson and Zoey started off as friends. They acted sarcastically towards each other, but Jackson is mildly impressed by her interpretation of To Kill A Mockingbird. Eventually, Jackson asked Zoey out. She developed a crush on Jackson, and vice versa. Jackson and Zoey get into a fight, concerning Zoey's app. They forgive each other at the end. They eventually started dating and went on a real date.  

Rachel ToddsEdit

Main article: Zoey and Rachel

Rachel was the first girl Zoey talked to at her new school and she starts off as just a girl Who led her the right way but later in the gym instantly became best friends. They are both dancers and they stand up for each other.

Adam ThompsonEdit

Adam is one of Zoey's step-brothers. He gave her advice about Jackson. Adam showed care towards Zoey and helped her deal with Taylor at the end.

Taylor DeanEdit

Taylor is in the beginning very cold to Zoey because she's the new girl but later develops a great hatred for Zoey and is shown to be very jealous of Zoey. They are dance rivals.


Zoey: Will you all join me in raising a my new (huffs) family!
Zoey: Hey everyone! I just wanna say how happy I am that my mom finally found love again.
Zoey: Wait you forgot the... lid.
Zoey: Excuse me...
Tripp: Fart bomb! [farts]
Zoey: Are you kidding me?
Jackson: I think I've got you figured out.
Zoey: Oh really?
Jackson: I bet you that you stare at that screen all day.
Zoey: I limit myself to two hours a day, three hours tops. I have an app that times me.
Zoey: No!
Ben: Don't worry, I can fix it!
Zoey: Stop! [points phone at Tripp]
Rachel: It's like he... obeyed you...
Zoey: Go to the bathroom!
Tripp: [starts to defecate]
Zoey: not here! [points to bathroom]
Tripp: Oh no! [starts running to the bathroom]
Zoey: [points phone at boys] Act like gentlemen!
Zoey: [points phone at him] Be quiet...
Ted: [whispers] Football?
Zoey: [at the dog training app] Be more open and expressive to Rachel.
Zoey: Go out there and dance with your hearts, not your feet.
Taylor: You have to wow us.
Zoey: No problem.


  • Zoey and Taylor are enemies.
  • Zendaya was the co-star of the Disney Channel Original Series, Shake It Up.
  • Zoey's style reflects with Zendaya likes to wear, but with a little girlier touch.
  • Zoey is a straight "A" student and dancer like Zendaya's character Rocky in Shake It Up.
  • Zoey is based on a character named Annabelle in the book Boys Are Dogs, but is changed in appearance to match Zendaya's features.


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