Zendaya is an amazing actress and I'm happy I get to work with her.
Spencer in an interview.
Spencer and Zendaya
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Spencer Boldman and Zendaya




Chendaya, Emaya

Spencer and Zendaya, also known as Spendaya, is the friendship/romantic pairing of Spencer Boldman and Zendaya Coleman.

Other NamesEdit

  • Zencer (Z/endaya) and (Sp/encer)
  • Spencaya (Spenc/er) and (Zend/aya)
  • Zender (Zend/aya) and (Spenc/er)
  • Sendaya (S/pencer) and (Z/endaya)


  • Spencer took a picture of himself and Zendaya and posted it on Instagram.

Similarities Edit

  • Both have a Twitter and Instagram account.
  • Both of them are/were leads in a Disney show.
  • They are/were both a part of the main cast.
  • Both have guest-starred on another Disney show (Spencer on Jessie, Zendaya on A.N.T. Farm).

Differences Edit

  • Spencer is male and Zendaya is female.
  • Spencer has worked on Disney XD, Zendaya has not.
  • Zendaya is 18 and Spencer is 22.
  • Zendaya's birthday is in September and Spencer's birthday is in July.

Facts Edit

  • They have worked together before.
  • They follow each other on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Spencer and Zendaya often tweet each other.
  • Spencer and Zendaya take a lot of pictures together as well.
  • They both did interviews about Zapped.
  • They did two kissing scenes in the movie Zapped, although the one on the lips, was cut from the movie.
  • They both attended the RDMAs in 2014.


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