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If only boy-training were as easy as puppy-training...
— Cover Quote
Boys Are Dogs
Boys Are Dogs
Author Leslie Margolis
Publisher Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Number of Pages 224
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Girls Acting Chatty

Boys Are Dogs is a book about a girl named Anabelle who have to cope with her new lifestyle, a new school, a new dog and all the messy boys. She finds out she can use her dog-training manual to control boys too. Disney Channel Original Movie Zapped, starring Zendaya as main character Zoey Stevens, is based upon this book.


Annabelle's all-girls elementary was very different from Birchwood Middle School where the boys run through the halls like wild animals. But with a little experimenting, Annabelle realizes that like her new puppy, maybe boys can be trained too.

Featuring Annabelle’s hilarious take on friendship, boys, and her all-new life, this novel and/or survival guide perfectly captures the joy and agony of junior high school. And it might just teach you how to tame the wildest beast of all, the teenage boy.


  • Annabelle
  • Annabelle's mother
  • Annabelle's mother's boyfriend
  • Annabelle's neighbor Rachel
  • Annabelle's dog Stripes (later Peppers)

Book to movie differencesEdit

  • The book is called Boys Are Dogs and the movie is called Zapped (originally "Unleashed").
  • The main character is called Anabelle in the book, and Zoey Stevens in the movie.
  • Anabelle is white and have blonde hair, Zoey Stevens have been changed to be black and have brown hair to match Zendaya's features.
  • In the book the characters are in sixth grade, and in the movie, they are in high school.
  • Annabelle has a manual to train boys and Zoey has an app that got messed up to train boys.
  • Annabelle's dog is a little black puppy with white spots while Zoey's dog is full-grown with white hairs.
  • Annabelle's former school is known as an all-girls elementary while Zoey's former school isn't known or mentioned at all.
  • Annabelle's new school is called Birchwood Middle while Zoey's new school is called Westlake High School.
  • In Boys Are Dogs, Rachel is Annabelle's neighbor while in Zapped, Zoey meets Rachel in school and become her friend.
    • Rachel and Jackson are sister and brother. In Zapped, Rachel Todds and Jackson Kale are just fellow students.
  • Annabelle's dog is called Stripes, later Peppers, while Zoey's dog is called Humphrey.