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Boys can be a pain. But we come around.
Adam to Zoey
Adam and Zoey
Character's Shipped

Adam Thompson and Zoey Stevens


Step-brother and step-sister

Adam and Zoey also known as Adey, is the platonic pairing between Adam Thompson and Zoey Stevens.

They are portrayed by Adam DiMarco and Zendaya.


Adam and Zoey are step-brother and step-sister. They don't really become a part of each other's lives until the night after Zoey and Jackson Kale went to Pitstop, where Zoey asks him about boys and he tells her that boys can be messy but can put it right at the end of the day. Adam is the first to help Zoey against Taylor Dean.


  • Zoey asks Adam why boys are so complicated and Adam tells her that boys can be a pain but will always fit in at the end.
  • Adam is the first one to break free from the command that Taylor used on various people in the gym via the "Listen and Obey" app on Zoey's phone to help Zoey fight Taylor.




  • Adam is male and Zoey is female.


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